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Teacher Survey
100%   Students enjoyed singing with the software
  95%   Students wanted to use the software more
            than once
  87%   Students seemed more aware that their singing 
            can improve
  75%   Students became more motivated to sing
  84%   The Sing-Along was a motivating experience
            for students
  92%   Teachers' overall experience was positive

Teacher Comments
 Motivating!  Students were fascinated by and loved singing with the program.

Accuracy and motivation have gone through the roof with students who used it regularly.

Finally, a scientific way to measure/assess a student’s ability to sing in tune!

I had one student who finally understood that he was singing much too low (after crying at his previous score of a zero). He soon shot up to a 60 on the program with my switch to the “box” view as opposed to the musical notation. His happiness was more than apparent and on a survey at the end of the year he wrote that he loved music because he now knew that he was good at singing.
Some students came back again and again to try to improve their score.
Even shy students were willing to sing.
The software surprised many of my students who had been told by either a family member or a friend "you can't sing". They were pleasantly surprised to find out that they COULD sing and were very good at it too!

The software fostered a lot of pride in my students.
Students liked getting specific and immediate feedback.
One of my more challenging 3rd grade students behavior-wise achieved the highest score of the whole school! 95%!
The families loved the Sing-Along.
When they started singing “You are My Sunshine”…it brought a tear to my eye--in a good way.
One of the parents who came to the celebration in 2009 bought the Singing Challenge for himself. He always knew he was not quite on pitch and is using it to help himself.